Class EAxis2D

All Implemented Interfaces:
IChartProps, IPropDesigner, EventListener, IGProp<GProp<?>[]>, IPropCnr, IPropCnrBooleanSettings<AxisOption>, IPropCnrChoiceSettings<IAxisChoiceOption>, IPropCnrColorSettings<AxisColor>, IPropCnrFontSettings<AxisFont>, IPropCnrIntegerSettings<AxisInteger>, IPropCnrKStringSettings<AxisKString>, IPropCnrNumberSettings<AxisNumber>, IPropCnrStrokeSettings<AxisStroke>, IChartContainer, Cloneable, IAdaptable

public class EAxis2D extends Axis2D implements IPropDesigner, IChartProps
The axis for the chart.
Christopher Mindus
  • Constructor Details

    • EAxis2D

      public EAxis2D()
      Creates the VirtualSpace group property container without a name. The name must be set in all cases using the setPropertyAtom call.
    • EAxis2D

      public EAxis2D(Atom propertyAtom)
      Creates the VirtualSpace group property container with the specified name. All system-reserved names for components begins with "$".
      propertyAtom - the name of the component, unique within it's parent.
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