Class PropDisposeEvent

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public class PropDisposeEvent extends BubbleEvent
Event indicating a property has been disposed of.
Christopher Mindus
  • Constructor Details

    • PropDisposeEvent

      public PropDisposeEvent(GProp<?> property, PropCnr parent, boolean isRemoteInduced)
      Constructs a new property container event.
      property - The property being disposed of.
      parent - The parent property (may be null).
      isRemoteInduced - Flag indicating this change is induced from a remote party.
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  • Method Details

    • getContainer

      public PropCnr getContainer()
      Gets the parent container that owned the property.
      The parent container, may be null if no parent exists when the property was disposed of.
    • isClearCacheEvent

      public boolean isClearCacheEvent()
      Returns the state for a property container if this event is received in the onEventSelf method as a helper for it would need to clear the property container cache.
      isClearCacheEvent in class GEvent
      true, always for this event.