Package com.iizigo.project

package com.iizigo.project
  • Class
    The Add IIZI Module Nature wizard for a project.
    The Alias page for Module projects.
    The class that holds the resources to build, files or folders, has a Comparable interface implemented so it can be sorted by path name A-Z.
    Class used to process file changes to create a collection of added, removed or renamed/moved files from a list of folders upon a change in the file system.
    File extensions for IIZI Module projects.
    The root container folders in the IIZI Module project.
    Interface to implement when a wizard completes creating a new file in order to be able to set e.g.
    Interface used by data containers in FilePropCnr's that need to listen to changes in file contents.
    The change listener for folders and files.
    If a plug-in implements this interface in its (Plugin)Activator, it will be informed when a Module project is disposed of.
    Called during creation of the IIZI Module perspective to the plug-ins giving them an opportunity to add views, place holders, etc, to the IIZI Module perspective, i.e.
    Interface used to listen to changes in resources, when they are added, renamed or removed.
    Interface used by plug-ins that wish to listen to resource changes in the workspace starting from a project.
    Edit class for the ModuleApp property container.
    The IIZI Module Application property page.
    The module folder is a separate directory in the module project that stores property containers in files with a predefined file extension, and that only has directories with names that end with the same file extension (in order not to have name collision with properties, i.e.
    The module root property container.
    The IIZI Module Model.
    The IIZI Module Project Nature.
    Creates the IIZI Module Perspective, an extension of the Java perspective, generating the initial page layout and visible action set for a page.
    The module root property container.
    Wizard to create a new Folder.
    Wizard that creates the IIZI Module Project that extends a Java project.
    Simplified New IIZI Project Wizard creating panels for requested targets and text tables with automatic translation of language texts.
    Class for the new text tables with languages wizard page.
    Class for the new text tables with languages wizard page.
    Wizard to create a new IIZI files, e.g.
    The page common page for the new IIZI file wizard.
    The Project Manager manages all IIZI projects, handles job scheduling, notification, referencing, etc.
    The project root property container.
    The IIZI component property page.
    The standard property page with a fix for the Apply button and changed-support with saving settings.