Package com.iizigo

package com.iizigo
  • Class
    The activator class controls the plug-in life cycle.
    The ApplicationUI instance holds the various images loaded from Image Descriptors and can be used as SWT Images directly, as well as other SWT allocated object such as colors.
    The themes.
    Console class with colors.
    DesignerProp tester for IIZI Module project, and others.
    Style ranges used in Editors.
    A dialog to display one or more errors to the user, as contained in an IStatus object.
    The Image Registry holds information about Image Descriptors and Image instances.
    The Designer page in the Preferences for the Internal Database.
    Interface used to listen to selection changes mapped to an IIZI type.
    Functional interface used when the theme has been changed and that some form of re-colorization is needed, typically for colors in ApplicationUI, but also images.
    Class that is used to resquedule all jobs but certain ones.
    Class used to initialize default preference values.
    Resource tester for IIZI Module project, and others.
    The root page in the IIZI preferences displays the license system information.
    The selection handler enabling notification of selected properties and resources using various selection types.
    The IIZI splash screen handler.
    The start-up class for UI processing.
    The workspace properties is used to save/restore states and settings for dialog boxes, etc.