Release Notes

The following are the release notes for IIZI version 3.0 in reversed chronological order.

Updating iiziGo to the latest version is easiest done using Eclipse -> Help -> Check for Updates.
This will check for all updates for Eclipse as well as for IIZI using the P2 repository.

IIZI version 3 is updated to the Jakarta EE 9 framework (jakarta.*) from the previous Java EE 7+ using the javax.* packages used in IIZI version 1.x.

IIZI version 3 also works under Windows 11 latest developer previews.

Version – NN MM 2022

Coming soon...

New IIZI look based on a green/magenta themes (users/developers), and:

- New Console colors, also for dark mode.
- Redirection of "stdout" and "stderr" in iiziGo handled with different color than INFO and SEVERE respectively.
- Color theme detection and interface notification for com.iizigo.ApplicationUI.
- Initial iiziGo dark theme colors, requirement for different icons in dark theme remains and should be handled dynamically, perhaps using the theme detection interface.
- Correction for bug using MSEdge and tooltip onSize() method not being registered as a BrowserFunction.
- Updated MySQL JDBC driver to 8.0.30.
- Tooltips background color wrong background color for certain properties, or sometimes very short flash with white background when tooltip is displayed.
- VirtualSpace components tooltips were not display resolution adapted for scaling.
- Properties errors listed in tooltips were not display resolution adapted for scaling.
- Tooltips displaying SVG file type assets shows only a part of the image.
- Removed all warnings, corrected Java-SE17 as Java environment, rebuilt all app Jars for CarPooling, CarRental, Pokemon, ServerAdmin, Demo and SignIn.
- Attempted to correct IIZI Selectors in CarRental: if they work, we'll apply them to the other projects. The CarRental displayed the Desktop UI on iPad Pro 12.9 instead of Tablet UI.

Version – 30 September 2021

Version – 23 August 2021

Version – 22 August 2021

Version – 18 August 2021

Version – 27 July 2021

Version – 16 July 2021

Version – 12 July 2021

Version – 01 June 2021

The IIZI Versions 1.x are all using the previous Java EE framework javax.*.

Version – 31 May 2021

Version – 18 May 2021

Version – 05 May 2021


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