• Class
    Application definition when loading the applications/projects.
    The application factory contains the application that should be run.
    Class containing information about app to load in the server from its database.
    A hot deploy app that defines what is included for hot deploy to check for changes.
    Interface to listen to app changes such as App Load or Hot Reloaded, and/or App Dispose.
    Interface used to gets a reference for runtime use to get the reference of an item.
    Interface used to look-up a reference from a virtualized container in an application.
    Interface used to retrieve an instance of a look-up of reference from a virtualized container in an application.
    IVirtualsContainer<PROPCNR extends PropCnr>
    The interface to the virtualized container that is exposed to the API and the Server.
    The runtime application is a session instance bound application.
    Class loading and extracting data from the "iiziSystem.jar" app that contains default information among other things.
    VirtualizedItem<PROPCNR extends PropCnr>
    Data container for a virtualized property container.
    VirtualsContainer<PROPCNR extends PropCnr>
    The Virtual Property Container is a flat structure containing all items (property containers) that are virtualized.