Class ParentCnrMoveEvent

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public class ParentCnrMoveEvent extends SinkEvent
Event used to send to all children of a moved container in a sinking non-bubbling form.
Christopher Mindus
  • Constructor Details

    • ParentCnrMoveEvent

      public ParentCnrMoveEvent(PropCnr movedContainer, Atom oldAtom, PropCnr oldContainer)
      Constructs a new move event for a property that is moved and renamed at the same time. This event is typically used for drag-drop scenarios where the target accepts the moved items but there is a name-clash that is resolved by changing the name during the move operation from the old to the new container.
      movedContainer - The property container instance being moved.
      oldAtom - The old name of the property.
      oldContainer - The old container that used to house the property container.
  • Method Details

    • getOldAtom

      public Atom getOldAtom()
      Gets the old Atom, i.e. the old name of the property container before the move.
      The old Atom.
    • getOldContainer

      public PropCnr getOldContainer()
      Gets the old property container.
      The old property container.
    • isVerifyEvent

      public boolean isVerifyEvent()
      Returns if this event is a verify event for a container that processes verification.
      isVerifyEvent in class GEvent
      true always.
    • paramString

      protected StringBuilder paramString(StringBuilder buf)
      Returns the parameter string representing the state of this event. This string is useful for debugging. Super classes adds extra information to the string by preceding it with a comma followed by the extra information.
      paramString in class GEvent
      buf - The StringBuilder to append the string to.
      The StringBuilder, i.e. the buf input parameter.