Package com.iizix.server

package com.iizix.server
  • Class
    An implementation of a common end point for an Editor, Server or Monitor.
    This class is used to trace binary data to an output stream.
    The Server Application Loader interface, used by the Server but also the Distribution compiler.
    Interface for Server End Points.
    The type of end-point.
    Interface for plug-ins used to create a new end point.
    Interface used in the server to listen to creation of new end points.
    The server log history listener interface.
    The interface to the Server instance, whether running in a JakartaEE Application Server or stand-alone using another web server and/or WebSocket implementation.
    Error enum used when validating an App ID with locale support.
    States of the server.
    Interface for a listener used for the Server Admin functionality.
    Listener for the server dispose events.
    Interface that the server uses to redirect a request of a client to another server using the load balancer.
    Server using Jetty to serve a Run Configuration launch of an application from Eclipse.
    Class to handle localized messages for the server.
    The plug-in loader class checking for plug-in dependencies in a Module project.
    A PrintStream adds functionality to another output stream, namely the ability to print representations of various data values conveniently.
    Class used to specify a redirection server when the load balancer is enabled and a client connects to a server that should not process the request.
    The server logger implementation.
    The main class for an Server session running in the Server.
    The Server Shell.
    The static holder of the ServerShell instance that the server calls to initiate the value with at start-up time.
    The iiziServer in standard mode.
    The statistics class is used to track information about what is going on in the server in terms of min/max/average values, I/O data amount and throughput, etc.
    Additional information that is stored for history entries for server statistics.
    A worker thread class for the server.