Package com.iizix

package com.iizix
  • Class
    Reentrant lock that can be used in a try-with-resources statement.
    The base modules with a definition that is similar to the plug-in structure.
    Helper class to find circular references.
    The component printer class will print a "frame" window or a component inside a "frame".
    The base exception class for connectors.
    A size with double's.
    Class that converts an Iterator to Enumerator interface, i.e.
    Class that holds static constant values used by various parts in the system.
    Generic callback functional interface with a single parameter.
    Class to handle generic listeners in a thread-safe manner.
    The host name and/or IP address, used to look-up region location information.
    A tag interface that is used to bind POJO's (Plain Old Java Objects) to various other parts, e.g.
    Interface used to find circular references.
    The IComponent is the base interface for UI components in IIZI.
    Utility to create an ICO file from transparent PNG files (or opaque JPG files).
    Interface to invoke a runnable at a later stage in the SWT thread.
    Interface implementing isDisposed() method.
    The IEntry interface is used for entry-capable components (such as entry field, multiple-line entry field, combobox and spin button).
    Interface used to resolve URL's to files for the Designer.
    Interface for the font information class for the UI.
    Resolver interface to get font information from a component.
    Class handling logging for a module in the system, also maybe with specific settings in regards to log levels and log redirectors.
    The LoggerRedirector interface is used by the logger to redirect a log event to a source, e.g.
    Class mimicking the behavior of ArrayList with Integer without collection support.
    Plug-in descriptor used for the Server to load the plug-in's XML schema and get the appropriate class loader.
    Very small print output redirector.
    A simple interface to the Eclipse IProgressMonitor.
    Transaction interface for read and send transactions.
    Interface used for dynamic web server compression when an HTML file is mangled into a certain configuration and results in a single CSS and JS source rather than multiple files.
    The Web Service engine provider.
    Helper interface used to verify if an instance of an interface is assignable to a class and also to cast it to the requested class without throwing an error.
    A language exception is thrown when a request is made to retrieve some data for a particular language code that is not available in the current app configuration for languages and text tables.
    The LocaleInfo class contains information of the system-global or client session specific Locale, Currency, NumberFormat, date and time format.
    The log entry.
    The class that manages all ILog instances in the process and it's threads or thread groups.
    Input stream redirector class to the IIZI log.
    Class to handle localized messages.
    The not found exception is thrown when an object by reference or name is not found.
    Output stream reader class.
    A position with integers.
    The progress monitor implementation.
    This transaction class is used for all communication between the Server, Client and Remote Administration programs.
    Simple rectangle class for multiple use accepting negative width and height.
    Date/Time Formats (Full Date).
    Run modes for IIZI.
    Constants required for the client, server and editor environments are placed in this class holding the schema file definitions along with the directory (package name).
    This transaction class is used for all communication between the Server, Client and Remote Administration programs.
    Static class holding constants used for the Server.
    This class contains information of the remote party and its connection, etc.
    As single-runner task that is run by a trigger and will run in the worker.
    A size with integers.
    String utilities.
    System configuration class.
    Enum for temperature types.
    Class holding a start and end time.
    A tokenizer class for the URI query string.
    This is a utility class containing static helper functions.
    This is the base class for all data values that are stored in VirtualSpace.
    The enumeration of Categories.
    The enumeration of Types.
    The Worker is a class that handles all communication with "plain" sockets, received and sent (pending) messages to connectors, along with handling the session queue.
    The WorkerTask is something that requires processing in the Worker queue or some IO operations, etc.
    Task states.
    The WorkerTask ended callback interface.
    This class is used to handle writing strings to the cache used from the server to the client in transactions.
    Helper class containing utility methods used when processing XML documents.