Package com.iizigo.handler

package com.iizigo.handler
  • Class
    The Common Actions are Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Select All, Rename.
    The common handler check for valid handled state and enabled state for the common action handlers.
    Configures the project to an IIZI Module project.
    The Copy property handler.
    The Cut property handler.
    The Delete property handler.
    Interface that can be implemented by an Editor to handle the selection enabler processing instead of the default.
    OperationHistoryActionHandler implements common behavior for the undo and redo actions.
    RedoActionHandler provides common behavior for redoing an operation, as well as labeling and enabling the menu item.
    UndoActionHandler provides common behavior for performing an undo, as well as labeling and enabling the undo menu item.
    The Link property handler.
    The Move property handler.
    The Open property handler.
    Opens the browser to the iiziGo localhost:portnumber or to iiziServer localhost:portnumber.
    Opens the IIZI JavaDoc that is included with the "com.iizigo.javadoc" plugin in the default external browser or in the same internal browser with the ID "com.iizigo.javadoc".
    The Paste property handler.
    The Paste After property handler.
    The Paste Before property handler.
    The Paste-Link property handler.
    The Rename property handler.
    The Select All handler.
    The enabler class processes selection changes from handlers, viewers, etc, and sets the state of the commands accordingly.