Package com.iizix.urn

package com.iizix.urn
  • Class
    Interface used to identify the destination of a URL that is published.
    Interface used to map a URN string to an external URL string to use by a device, accessing the iiziServer or the iiziGo Designer web server.
    Exception thrown when the URN is invalid.
    Available Namespace IDentifiers (NID) for IIZI resources.
    Exception thrown when the Naming ID (NID) fails parsing.
    Exception thrown when the Name String Specification is in error for an URN.
    The possible Resource NSS prefixes.
    Exception thrown when the URN Naming ID (NID) is not recognized.
    This URN class handles a IIZI Universal Resource Name generated from various {@link NID} with its required parameters, varying depending on the {@link NID}.
    Base exceptions thrown for the URN's.
    Factory used to keep track of various URL mapper's possible for the iiziServer and iiziGo Designer, e.g.
    The URN NID location: local file, database or external URL.
    The URN resource contains information of for local server environment from where it was originated.
    The types of URN Resource Type.