Class Preference


public class Preference extends org.eclipse.core.runtime.preferences.AbstractPreferenceInitializer
Class used to initialize default preference values.
Christopher Mindus
  • Field Details

    • extServerURL

      public String extServerURL
      External web server URL, including protocol and potential port number.

      This setting must be set if the retrieval of the local host name e.g. does not include the domain DNS suffix, or that the name is known on external nets differently than on the internal network. This host name is typically used for the OAuth 2.0 authentication callback URL's.

    • bindAddress

      public String bindAddress
      The bind address.
    • wsPort1

      public int wsPort1
      The Web Socket start port.
    • wsPort2

      public int wsPort2
      The Web Socket end port.
    • wsSecurePort1

      public int wsSecurePort1
      The Secure Web Socket start port.
    • wsSecurePort2

      public int wsSecurePort2
      The Secure Web Socket end port.
    • useGzip

      public boolean useGzip
      Flag to use Gzip compression.
    • cacheCount

      public int cacheCount
      String caching.
    • cacheMin

      public int cacheMin
      String caching.
    • cacheMax

      public int cacheMax
      String caching.
    • doVerboseTrace

      public boolean doVerboseTrace
    • keyStore

      public String keyStore
      The PKCS#12 KeyStore file name.
    • password

      public String password
      The password to use for the KeyStore.
    • tosURI

      public String tosURI
      The ToS URI.
    • tosAccepted

      public boolean tosAccepted
      ToS accepted.
    • domainName

      public String domainName
      The domain name.
  • Constructor Details

    • Preference

      public Preference()
      Construction of the class.
  • Method Details

    • getInstance

      public static Preference getInstance()
      Gets the instance.
      The single instance of the preferences.
    • initializeDefaultPreferences

      public void initializeDefaultPreferences()
      Initializes the preferences store for all the terminal preferences.
      Specified by:
      initializeDefaultPreferences in class org.eclipse.core.runtime.preferences.AbstractPreferenceInitializer
      See Also:
      • AbstractPreferenceInitializer.initializeDefaultPreferences()
    • saveToStore

      public void saveToStore()
      Saves a "page" to the store.