Package com.iizix.jetty

package com.iizix.jetty
  • Class
    Page interface for external browsers.
    The Jetty integrated web server class in iiziGo Designer.
    The internal web socket for the server side.
    The file provider server.
    Interface that handles accepting uploads of files.
    Interface used to handle uploads to the server from a client, e.g.
    The client class for communication with a remote server over (secured) WebSocket using the IIZI reconnectable transactional processing.
    Web server that is used when Run Configuration is used, an optimized Jetty Server for "raw Jetty" web socket communication that is used to run one IIZI Module Project (that may refer to others, including Java projects).
    The uploader servlet.
    Client Endpoint for Jetty 12 WebSocket, with auto-demand for additional messages.
    Helper class for common functions for Jetty.
    The Resource for Jetty that refers to a JarEntry of file type inside an XJar or MemoryJar.