Package com.iizix.barcode

package com.iizix.barcode
  • Class
    The barcode builder that is used to set parameters like: validation: can be turned on or off to perform parameter validation, text: required parameter that assign the text contents for the barcode, size: the requested size of the barcode, if not specified, the smallest size is assumed, errorCorrection: what degree of error correction to use depending on barcode, charset: what character set or name to use where applicable, shape: Specifies the matrix shape for Data Matrix, margin: margin, in pixels, to use when generating the barcode, the meaning can vary by format, compact: whether to use compact mode for PDF417 barcodes, compaction: what compaction mode to use for PDF417 barcodes, dimensions: minimum and maximum number of rows and columns for PDF417 barcodes, layers: required number of layers for AZTEC barcodes, version: exact version for encoded QR_CODE barcodes,
    Class containing the barcode that has been read from an image.
    Exception that is thrown when the BarcodeBuilder encounters an error while encoding the barcode in the builder, such as missing or invalid parameter values not previously validated.
    Barcode reader implementation that will scan an image for a barcode.
    The bar code type and size requirement.
    Barcode Uniform Resource Naming (URN) instance class, holding the barcode type and data string.
    Barcode provider for IIZI URN's.
    Runtime exception that is thrown when the BarcodeBuilder is in validation mode and a parameter is not valid.