Package com.iizigo.swt

package com.iizigo.swt
  • Class
    Fix-class for checkbox and label to handle foreground color.
    The color selection widget is a toolbar drop-down button that displays the color selection.
    Composite to display a failure in form of an exception.
    Class used to control a filter entry field that is used to filter out e.g.
    A button that behaves like a flat button should do, i.e.
    Class used to set a gradient on a composite.
    Class to transpose a Graphics2D onto an SWT Graphics Context (GC).
    Color selection change interface for the color selection widget.
    Filter used when expanding tree items.
    Filter used when expanding tree items.
    Filter interface implemented by the filter component.
    Filter listener interface.
    Flat button pressed.
    Interface providing tooltip and context menu support for the flat toolbar button.
    Helper class to invoke a Runnable in the SWT thread after a while, once.
    Validation of selected item in an Object Dialog Tree.
    Validator interface for the ValidatorWizardDialog.
    The customized CCombo class to create a customized drop-down.
    The CCombo class represents a selectable user interface object that combines a text field and a list and issues notification when an item is selected from the list.
    "Copy" of Eclipse FillLayout but with addition of maximum width and height as the FillLayout class is "final"!
    Class used to create a filter entry field that is used to filter out e.g.
    A TableCursor provides a way for the user to navigate around a Table using the keyboard.
    The tooltip text class.
    The tooltip implementor class controlled by IzToolTip.
    Enhances the tooltip with additional information when creating a tooltip for a DesignerProp.
    Draws a vertical or horizontal line.
    Creates an outlined composite.
    Filter for viewers to show only Projects and Folders.
    A class which implements three different kinds of borders:
    - The raised bevel border,
    - The lowered bevel border,
    - The line border.
    Class that handles a timeout timer that can be started, retriggered, stopped.
    Class to handle arrow up/down keys for e.g.
    Overrides the Wizard Dialog to provide an extra Validate button.
    Compares resources and properties for the viewers.
    A simple viewer toolbar class.
    Customized Wizard Dialog used when no progress bar is used.