Interface IUICompCreator<UICOMP extends UIComp>

All Known Implementing Classes:
NameVSFieldCreator, TextPromptCreator, UIComboBoxCreator, UIContainerCreator, UITableColumnCreator, UITableCreator

public interface IUICompCreator<UICOMP extends UIComp>
Interface used to create the UI component in order to fill in the wizard or to perform auto-creation of VS components.
Christopher Mindus
  • Method Details

    • isVirtualSpaceRequired

      default boolean isVirtualSpaceRequired()
      Returns if the VirtualSpace is required, and if getCreations(UIComp, EditorVirtualSpace, IPropUndoRedo) will be called.
    • getCreations

      default List<VSComponentCreation<?>> getCreations(UICOMP uiComp, EditorVirtualSpace virtualSpace, IPropUndoRedo undoRedo)
      Gets the required VS component creations that are needed.
      uiComp - The UI component.
      virtualSpace - The VirtualSpace.
      undoRedo - The undo/redo instance.
      A list of VS component creation elements.
    • getImage

      String getImage()
      Gets the large image to use, relative the "icons/large" directory.
    • onWizard

      void onWizard(AddUICompWizard wizard, UIPanelBase panel, UICOMP uiComp)
      Called to create required wizard pages.
      wizard - The wizard.
      uiComp - The component created.
      panel - The panel.
    • performFinish

      default boolean performFinish()
      Called when the wizard completes. Override to process.
      true to finish (default), false to abort.
    • performSilent

      default boolean performSilent()
      Called when silent execution is done and a wizard is not used. This method is called instead of performFinish().
      true to finish (default), false to abort.