Class AddUICompWizard

All Implemented Interfaces:
IShellProvider, IWizard

public class AddUICompWizard extends Wizard
Wizard used when a UI component is about to be added. This wizard provides a mechanism to pop-up a dialog box so the user can fill in the name of the component, VS connections, etc.
Christopher Mindus
  • Field Details


      public static final String SILENT_PREFERENCE
      The Silent creation preference store name.
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  • Method Details

    • isSilent

      public static boolean isSilent()
      Checks if the dialog box should be shown or if it is silent.
    • setSilent

      public static void setSilent(boolean isSilent)
      Sets the silent flag.
      isSilent - The flag.
    • doAdd

      public static boolean doAdd(IAddUICompProvider<?> provider, UIComps uiComps, int index, PanelEditor editor)
      Performs the add component action.
      provider - The provider instance to create a new component.
      uiComps - The target UIComps.
      index - The index in UIComps, -1 for last.
      editor - The panel editor.
      true if successful, false if user canceled the operation.
    • doWizardBeforeDrop

      public static boolean doWizardBeforeDrop(UIComp dropComponent, UIComps uiComps, ComplexOperation op)
      Performs the wizard prompting for the component before dropping it. This is called due to JavaScript panel editor callback, and will modify the component and perhaps create VS Components, etc...

      The component is NOT added.

      dropComponent - The component to drop.
      uiComps - The target UIComps.
      op - The complex operation.
      true if successful, false if user canceled the operation.
    • getModuleModel

      public ModuleModel getModuleModel()
      Gets the Module model.
    • getUIComps

      public UIComps getUIComps()
      Gets the UIComps instance for e.g. naming the component uniquely.
    • getVirtualSpace

      public EditorVirtualSpace getVirtualSpace()
      Gets the VirtualSpace.
    • getPanelEditor

      public PanelEditor getPanelEditor()
      Gets the panel editor.
    • getUndoRedo

      public IPropUndoRedo getUndoRedo()
      Returns the undo/redo instance.
    • canFinish

      public boolean canFinish()
      Specified by:
      canFinish in interface IWizard
      canFinish in class Wizard
    • performFinish

      public boolean performFinish()
      Finishes the dialog.
      Specified by:
      performFinish in interface IWizard
      Specified by:
      performFinish in class Wizard
      true to indicate the finish request was accepted, and false to indicate that the finish request was refused.