Class VSFieldCreation

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public class VSFieldCreation extends VSComponentCreation<EditorVSField>
Class for VirtualSpace Field creation used in the wizards e.g. when creating panel components.
Christopher Mindus
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    • VSFieldCreation

      public VSFieldCreation(UIComp uiComp, Atom vsRef, EditorVirtualSpace virtualSpace, Value.Type valueType, boolean doCreateDefaultValue, boolean isChooseTypeAllowed, Boolean isNullAllowed, IPropUndoRedo undoRedo)
      The constructor.
      uiComp - The component.
      vsRef - The VSFieldReference atom name.
      virtualSpace - The VirtualSpace.
      valueType - The value type.
      doCreateDefaultValue - Flag to create a default value.
      isChooseTypeAllowed - If user is allowed to choose value type.
      isNullAllowed - Flag null is allowed, null to enable user to choose.
      undoRedo - The undo/redo instance.
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