Interface IWSFileProvider

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public interface IWSFileProvider
The interface is used to provide files to the web server for various contexts:
  • Server session,
  • Per application (and version),
  • Per user (all sessions),
  • Per application session (on user basis),
  • Per client session.

The server places these files in subdirectories in the file provider directory configured for the server.

Christopher Mindus
  • Method Details

    • getType

      URNResourceType getType()
      Returns the file type.
    • getRoot

      File getRoot() throws IOException
      Gets the root directory.
      The canonical root directory.
      IOException - If the root doesn't exist anymore or the provider is disposed of, or if the root doesn't exist and the directory cannot be created.
    • createDownloadInstance

      IWSFileDownload createDownloadInstance(URL url, Object id, String description)
      Constructs an instance of a file to download.
      url - The URL of the file to download.
      id - The ID used for database identification, Long or String, null when database is not used.

      This value depends on the URNResourceType. The types are:

      description - Description of file, used to store in e.g. database, max 128 characters long.
      IllegalArgumentException - If the description is longer than 128 characters, or if the id is of wrong class (not String or Long) depending on the {@link URNResourceType}.
      NullPointerException - If url or description is null, or that the id is required to be specified for the {@link URNResourceType}.
    • downloadFiles

      void downloadFiles(IAppSessionGyro appGyro, IWSFileDownload[] files, Runnable completed)
      Downloads the collection of files. Once all downloads a completed, the callback is invoked. If the application session is disposed of, the callback is not called.
      appGyro - The application session gyro, or null for system.
      files - The array of files to download. The results are placed in the respective instances.
      completed - Callback invoked upon completion of the downloads (with error or not).
    • isDisposed

      boolean isDisposed()
      Checks if the provider is disposed of.
      true if disposed, false otherwise.
    • reserveFile

      Reserves an existing file on disk, i.e. inside the root. If the file already is reserved, the previous WSFile instance is returned and no new reservation is done.
      file - The file.
      descr - The description.
      id - When a backing database is used, specify the user or group identifier as a Long, the Application ID as a String, or null when there is no special identifier, i.e. for global files.
      A new WSFile instance with a reserved name.
      NotFoundException - If the file doesn't exist.
      IllegalArgumentException - If the file parent is not this providers root directory, or if the ID does not match the database ID type (Long or String).
      IOException - For read errors of the file, or if the filename is not "compatible" with the database table.
    • getURLPath

      String getURLPath()
      Gets the URL path to the provider in the web server.
      The path on the web server, starting and ending with '/'.
    • getFileFromFileName

      IWSFile getFileFromFileName(String fileName)
      Gets a WSFile from a file name that is located inside the root of the provider.
      fileName - The file name to look up.
      The WSFile instance, or null if not found.