Class RuntimeBuilderInitialSetup

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public class RuntimeBuilderInitialSetup extends Object implements Cloneable
Initial settings for a Runtime Builder setup.
  • Field Details

    • textTableName

      public String textTableName
      The file name for the text tablle, default "i18n-iiziRun-en".
    • assetFolder

      public String assetFolder
      The default (sub)folder in Assets, default "iiziRun".
    • transparentIconFile

      public File transparentIconFile
      The transparent icon file that is used to create every icon file required. This file must be in PNG format.
    • opaqueIconFile

      public File opaqueIconFile
      The opaque file that is used to create every icon file required when transparency is not supported, i.e. for the App Store and iOS. This file can be in PNG or JPEG formats.
  • Constructor Details

    • RuntimeBuilderInitialSetup

      public RuntimeBuilderInitialSetup()
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