Interface IUIContextMenuOwner

All Superinterfaces:
IGProp<GProp<?>[]>, IPropCnr
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractContentUIContainer, EMapMarkers, EMLGroup, EMList, EMLItemProp, EMUIHeading, EMUISimpleDialog, EMUITabBar, EUIAccordion, EUIButton, EUICalendar, EUICalendarList, EUIChart, EUICheckBox, EUIComboBox, EUIContainer, EUIContextMenu, EUIDialog, EUIGauge, EUIImage, EUIImage2, EUILabel, EUIMap, EUIMedia, EUIMenu, EUIMenuBar, EUIOutput, EUIPanel, EUIPanelPart, EUIPanelPartCnr, EUIProgress, EUIRadioButton, EUISlider, EUISpinner, EUISwapContainer, EUITabContainer, EUITable, EUIText, EUITextArea, EUITitlePane, MapMarkers, MLGroup, MList, MLItemProp, MUIHeading, MUISimpleDialog, MUITabBar, UIAbstractListChoice, UIAccordion, UIButton, UICalendar, UICalendarList, UIChart, UICheckBox, UIComboBox, UIContainer, UIContextMenu, UIDialog, UIGauge, UIImage, UIImage2, UILabel, UIMap, UIMedia, UIMenu, UIMenuBar, UIOutput, UIPanel, UIPanelBase, UIPanelPart, UIPanelPartCnr, UIProgress, UIRadioButton, UISlider, UISpinner, UISwapContainer, UITabContainer, UITable, UIText, UITextArea, UITitlePane

public interface IUIContextMenuOwner extends IPropCnr
Interface that can be implemented by an owner of a context menu in order to be notified upon reference resolving.
Christopher Mindus
  • Method Details

    • onResolved

      default void onResolved(UIContextMenu contextMenu)
      Context menu reference has been resolved.
      contextMenu - The context menu instance.
    • onBroken

      default void onBroken(UIContextMenu contextMenu)
      Context menu reference has been broken.
      contextMenu - The context menu instance.
    • getContextMenu

      default UIContextMenu getContextMenu()
      Gets the context menu of this component. It can be a shared instance through a reference or a component-contained instance.
      The context menu instance, or null for none.
    • getContainedContextMenu

      default UIContextMenu getContainedContextMenu()
      Gets the component-contained context menu instance of this component.
      The context menu instance, or null for none.
    • getReferencedContextMenu

      default UIContextMenu getReferencedContextMenu()
      Gets the referenced context menu instance of this component.
      The context menu instance, or null for none.
    • isContextMenuSupported

      default boolean isContextMenuSupported()
      Returns if the context menu is supported for this component or not.
      true for support (default), or false if not supported.
    • isMobileContextMenuSupported

      boolean isMobileContextMenuSupported()
      Returns if the component can show the context menu in mobile mode.
      true for mobile support, false for desktop only.