Class DurationFormatPattern


public class DurationFormatPattern extends Object
Class implementing the Format pattern for a duration format partly using Joda PeriodFormatter.
Christopher Mindus
  • Constructor Details

    • DurationFormatPattern

      public DurationFormatPattern()
  • Method Details

    • getPeriodFormatter

      public static Format getPeriodFormatter(String pattern, LocaleInfo localeInfo)
      Gets the Joda period formatter for a pattern. This formatter does not implement the Format interface unlike the others.

      When using a formatter, the duration is converted to or from a standard period that makes the assumption that all weeks are 7 days, all days are 24 hours, all hours are 60 minutes and all minutes are 60 seconds. This is not true when daylight savings time is considered, and may also not be true for some unusual chronologies. However, it is included as it is a useful operation for many applications and business rules.

      pattern - The pattern for the formatter. If the pattern is null, null is returned as the formatter because the duration should be formatted as duration.toString().
      localeInfo - The locale information or null for default locale.

      Available languages are English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish and Swedish.

      The formatter.
      IllegalArgumentException - If the pattern is not valid.