Interface ITermEditor

All Superinterfaces:
IPropertyEditorController, IPropUndoContext, IPropUndoRedo
All Known Implementing Classes:
CaptureEditor, RecordingEditor, ScreenEditor

public interface ITermEditor extends IPropertyEditorController, IPropUndoRedo, IPropUndoContext
Interface implemented by the Screen, Capture and Recording editors.
Christopher Mindus
  • Method Details

    • updateToolStates

      void updateToolStates()
      Updates tool states.
    • getMarkingConstraints getMarkingConstraints()
      Gets the marking constraints.
      null for none.
    • isHotSpotEnabled

      boolean isHotSpotEnabled()
      Check for hotspot enabled.
    • isCursorPresent

      boolean isCursorPresent()
      Cursor present (and blinking)?
    • getTerminalComposite

      TerminalComposite getTerminalComposite()
      Gets the terminal composite.
    • getViewer

      org.eclipse.jface.viewers.TreeViewer getViewer()
      Gets the viewer.
    • getHostSession

      HostSession getHostSession()
      Gets the HostSession.
    • isTooltipTextShown

      boolean isTooltipTextShown()
      If tool tips are shown.
    • onDoubleClick

      void onDoubleClick(int x, int y)
      Marks the host field.
    • paint

      void paint(Graphics2D g, int leftMargin, int topMargin, int cxFont, int cyFont, int cxFontReal, int cyFontReal, int cxScreen, int cyScreen, clipRect)
      Paints the Graphics once the screen is drawn, before the cursor.