Interface IStylesFilter

All Known Subinterfaces:
IEUIComp, IEUICompCommon, IEUIContainer, IEUIPanel
All Known Implementing Classes:
ECalendarEvent, EMapMarkerProp, EMapMarkers, EMLGroup, EMList, EMLItemProp, EMUIHeading, EMUISimpleDialog, EMUISwitch, EMUITabBar, EUIAccordion, EUIButton, EUICalendar, EUICalendarList, EUIChart, EUICheckBox, EUICheckedMenuItem, EUIComboBox, EUIContainer, EUIContextMenu, EUIDateTime, EUIDialog, EUIEmpty, EUIGauge, EUIImage, EUIImage2, EUILabel, EUIMap, EUIMedia, EUIMenu, EUIMenuBar, EUIMenuItem, EUIMenuSeparator, EUIOutput, EUIPanel, EUIPanelPart, EUIPanelPartCnr, EUIProgress, EUIRadioButton, EUIRadioMenuItem, EUISlider, EUISpinner, EUISwapContainer, EUITabContainer, EUITable, EUITableColumn, EUIText, EUITextArea, EUITitlePane

public interface IStylesFilter
Filter for properties of a property container. An UI property container can implement this interface to support only parts of the Styles properties because the others do not apply to the component.
Christopher Mindus
  • Method Details

    • getStylesName

      String getStylesName(EditorStyles styles)
      The name of this styles property for the common navigator.
      styles - The Styles property container.
    • getSupportedStyles

      String[] getSupportedStyles(EditorStyles styles)
      Gets the groups supported by the component.
      styles - The Styles property container.
      An array of property names of the styles. Names beginning with '*' indicates it's a group.