Interface ITooltipPropList

All Known Subinterfaces:
IRuntimeBuilder, IVirtualizedMonitorProp
All Known Implementing Classes:
AppDistributionProps, ECalendarEvent, EclipseRuntimeBuilder, EditorActiveTerminalSession, EditorActiveTerminalSessions, EditorClientSessionProp, EditorEndPointPropCnr, EditorEndPointsPropCnr, EditorInfoPropCnr, EditorLetsEncryptDomain, EditorMailProps, EditorPolicyProps, EditorRuntimeBuilderProps, EditorServerAppConfig, EditorServerConfigEnvProps, EditorServerPluginConfig, EditorServerSettings, EditorSessionConnectionStatProp, EditorVirtualizedMonitorPropCnr, EditorWebServerPortConfig, EMapMarkerProp, EMapMarkers, EUIComps

public interface ITooltipPropList
Interface implemented by a property container that wishes to output a simple list of properties as they are defined, perhaps with String formatting.
Christopher Mindus
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Gets the list of property items that should be displayed.
  • Method Details

    • getTooltipPropertyList

      List<TooltipItem> getTooltipPropertyList()
      Gets the list of property items that should be displayed.
      The list, or null for no tooltip.