Interface ITransferContainerProps

All Superinterfaces:
IGProp<GProp<?>[]>, IPropCnr
All Known Subinterfaces:
IEFixedLayoutProp, IELayoutMgr<LAYOUT_PROP>, IELayoutMgrDND<LAYOUT_PROP>, IELayoutMgrSimpleDND<LAYOUT_PROP>, IELayoutProp, IEUIComp, IEUICompCommon, IEUIContainer, IEUIPanel
All Known Implementing Classes:
EAbsoluteData, EAbsoluteLayout, EAccordionData, EAccordionLayout, EBorderData, EBorderLayout, ECalendarData, ECalendarEvent, ECalendarLayout, EContextMenuData, EContextMenuLayout, EditorStyles, EFlexData, EFlexLayout, EGridData, EGridLayout, EHeadingData, EHeadingLayout, EListData, EListLayout, EMapData, EMapLayout, EMapMarkerProp, EMapMarkers, EMenuBarData, EMenuBarLayout, EMenuData, EMenuLayout, EMLGroup, EMLGroupLayout, EMList, EMListData, EMListLayout, EMLItemProp, EMUIHeading, EMUISimpleDialog, EMUISwitch, EMUITabBar, EPanelData, ESwapData, ESwapLayout, ETabBarData, ETabBarLayout, ETabData, ETabLayout, EUIAccordion, EUIButton, EUICalendar, EUICalendarList, EUIChart, EUICheckBox, EUICheckedMenuItem, EUIComboBox, EUIContainer, EUIContextMenu, EUIDateTime, EUIDialog, EUIEmpty, EUIGauge, EUIImage, EUIImage2, EUILabel, EUIMap, EUIMedia, EUIMenu, EUIMenuBar, EUIMenuItem, EUIMenuSeparator, EUIOutput, EUIPanel, EUIPanelPart, EUIPanelPartCnr, EUIProgress, EUIRadioButton, EUIRadioMenuItem, EUISlider, EUISpinner, EUISwapContainer, EUITabContainer, EUITable, EUITableColumn, EUITableData, EUITableLayout, EUIText, EUITextArea, EUITitlePane

public interface ITransferContainerProps extends IPropCnr
Interface implemented by for properties supporting transfer of properties between instances of the same type.
Christopher Mindus
  • Method Details

    • canPasteFrom

      default boolean canPasteFrom(PropCnr from)
      Verifies if the transfer operation is supported for the component in question.
      Default true, override for different processing.
    • canPasteTo

      default boolean canPasteTo(PropCnr to)
      Verifies if the transfer operation is supported for the component in question.
      Default true, override for different processing.
    • getCNDescriptionType

      String getCNDescriptionType()
      Provide a type description for the status bar view, if available.
      A type description for the status bar view, or null if not available.
    • getTransferProps

      Object[] getTransferProps()
      Returns the list of properties that are transferable between layout managers.
      The list of String's or Atom's that are transferable, null for none.
    • transferContainerProps

      default boolean transferContainerProps(boolean doPerformPaste, PropCnr source, IPropUndoRedo undoRedo)
      Handles transfer of data from one layout to another.
      doPerformPaste - Flag indication operation is to be performed (true) or just tested for validity (false).
      source - The paste source.
      undoRedo - The undo/redo interface.
      true for success, false for failure.