Interface IEUICompCommon

All Superinterfaces:
org.eclipse.core.runtime.IAdaptable, IComponent, ICustomDataProvider, IEImagePreview, IEUICompBase, IExtendsSelection, IGProp<GProp<?>[]>, IMessageBox, IPropCnr, IPropDesigner, IPropRenameable, IShowJavaSource, IStylesFilter, ITransferContainerProps, IUIComp, IVSComponentListener, IVSComponentState, IVSFieldListener
All Known Subinterfaces:
IEUIComp, IEUIContainer, IEUIPanel
All Known Implementing Classes:
ECalendarEvent, EMapMarkerProp, EMapMarkers, EMLGroup, EMList, EMLItemProp, EMUIHeading, EMUISimpleDialog, EMUISwitch, EMUITabBar, EUIAccordion, EUIButton, EUICalendar, EUICalendarList, EUIChart, EUICheckBox, EUICheckedMenuItem, EUIComboBox, EUIContainer, EUIContextMenu, EUIDateTime, EUIDialog, EUIEmpty, EUIGauge, EUIImage, EUIImage2, EUILabel, EUIMap, EUIMedia, EUIMenu, EUIMenuBar, EUIMenuItem, EUIMenuSeparator, EUIOutput, EUIPanel, EUIPanelPart, EUIPanelPartCnr, EUIProgress, EUIRadioButton, EUIRadioMenuItem, EUISlider, EUISpinner, EUISwapContainer, EUITabContainer, EUITable, EUITableColumn, EUIText, EUITextArea, EUITitlePane

Common code to both components and containers that must be placed in a separate interface to be able to use default code.
Christopher Mindus
  • Method Details

    • getEditorPropCnr

      default EditorPropCnr getEditorPropCnr(boolean doCreate)
      Gets the Editor Property container.
      doCreate - Flag to create the property if not present.
    • getBounds

      default GRect getBounds()
      Gets the current bounds of the component relative the "page" document.
      The rectangle, or null if not yet defined.
    • canMark

      default boolean canMark()
      Checks if the component can be marked. By default all components and containers can be marked, except non-visible ones and panels.
      true if this is a component, container (and not a panel) and is visible, false otherwise.
    • getParentClientBounds

      default GRect getParentClientBounds()
      Gets the bounds of the parent client area, including the scroll positions.
      The rectangle, or null if the parent is a panel or not yet defined.
    • useCNPropID

      default boolean useCNPropID()
      Returns if the component has an ID that is to be shown, or just a the index of the component instead. This is typically useful for map markers, etc.
      true (default) to use the ID, false to use the index.