Interface IClassReferenceListener

All Known Implementing Classes:
EditorClassReference, EditorFieldActor, EditorMethodReference2

public interface IClassReferenceListener
Class reference listener for Java Class to reference implementor.
Christopher Mindus
  • Method Details

    • getRequiredClassAnnotation

      String getRequiredClassAnnotation()
      Get the fully qualified annotation name that the Java Class should be annotated with.
      Gets the required annotation name, null for none.
    • onResolve

      void onResolve(JavaClass reference, boolean isClassFound, String errorMessage)
      Notifies the Class Reference of resolve result.
      reference - The Class Reference.
      isClassFound - Flag indicating class is found, but interface is not implemented (when true) or annotation is missing.
      errorMessage - The error message, or null to clear the error.
    • isAnnotationBackReferenceRequired

      boolean isAnnotationBackReferenceRequired()
      Checks if the Class Reference require an annotation back-reference.
      true if the annotation is required to have a back-reference on the "ref" member value pair to the Class Reference owner.
    • getAnnotationBackReference

      String getAnnotationBackReference()
      Gets the back-reference string.
    • getBackReferenceProperty

      PropCnr getBackReferenceProperty()
      Gets the back-reference property.
    • getRequiredInterface

      String getRequiredInterface()
      Gets the fully qualified interface name that the Java Class should implement.
      Gets the required interface name, null for none.
    • onJavaChangedSWT

      void onJavaChangedSWT(JavaClass reference)
      Called when the source has changed and is recompiled on disk or in-memory reconcile. This method is called in the SWT thread only (in the Designer).
    • onRename

      void onRename(JavaClass reference, String newName)
      Informs the listener that the fully qualified class name has been changed. This includes the class package as well as the name.
      reference - The Class Reference.
      newName - The new fully qualified class name.
    • onMethodRenamed

      void onMethodRenamed(JavaClass reference, String oldName, String newName, String signature)
      Called when a method has been renamed in the class.
      reference - The Class Reference.
      oldName - Old name.
      newName - New name.
      signature - Signature of method as retrieved by JavaHelper.getSimpleSignature class in Designer.