Interface IVirtualsContainer<PROPCNR extends PropCnr>

    • Method Detail

      • matchesType

        boolean matchesType​(java.lang.String reference)
        Verifies if a reference string could be present in this virtuals container, i.e. that the reference string matches the module folder type, e.g. "panels" or "vs".
        reference - The reference string of a property.
        true if this reference would be allowed in this virtual container, false otherwise.
      • addVirtualInstance

        VirtualizedItem<PROPCNR> addVirtualInstance​(IAppSessionGyro appGyro,
                                                    IClientSessionGyro clientGyro,
                                                    VirtualSpace virtualSpace,
                                                    PROPCNR vpc,
                                                    PROPCNR pc)
        Adds a virtualized property to the container. If the property being virtualized does not have the correct reference path for this type of container, an exception is thrown.
        appGyro - The application session gyro.
        clientGyro - The client gyro session, can be null if not initialized from the client gyro.
        virtualSpace - The VirtualSpace used for the virtualization. When a VirtualSpace is being virtualized, it is the original non-virtualized VirtualSpace. For others, it's the virtualized VirtualSpace that causes virtualization of the instance.
        vpc - The virtualized property container.
        pc - The original property container.
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - If the property containers are not of correct class or if the reference type doesn't match, or the property is a virtualized instance, the virtualized property is not virtualized, or if the property reference is already present in the virtualized properties.
      • getVirtualContainerFromProp

        VirtualizedItem<PROPCNR> getVirtualContainerFromProp​(IPropCnr property)
        Gets the virtual container from a property. The virtual containers are searched to see if the property is contained in any of them.

        The property can be either virtualized or non-virtualized.

        property - The property to verify.
        The VirtualizedItem that contains the property, null for none.
      • getVirtualizedItems

        VirtualizedItem<PROPCNR>[] getVirtualizedItems()
        Returns the virtualized container items.
        An array of the containers virtualized.
      • getLockObject

        java.lang.Object getLockObject()
        Gets the lock object used to manipulate VirtualizedItem's for multi-threaded and/or multi-session code such as the Application Session Gyro.
        An Object that is used to perform synchronization on.
      • isClientSessionInstance

        boolean isClientSessionInstance()
        Returns if this is an client session virtuals container that should be destroyed when the client ends or if it's an application instance.
      • dispose

        void dispose()
        Disposes of the virtuals container.