Interface IUIImage2Listener

  • public interface IUIImage2Listener
    Listener for changes in the UIImage2 property class, e.g. when a user uploads an image, orientation changes, zoom, crop points, etc.
    Christopher Mindus
    • Method Detail

      • onImageSelection

        void onImageSelection​(UIImage2 image,
                              java.lang.String name,
                              ImageType type,
                              byte[] data,
                              int width,
                              int height,
                              ImageOrientation orientation,
                              double zoom,
                              GRect rect,
                              boolean isCircle)
        Invoked when the user has selected an image.
        image - The image selection and upload property.
        name - The original file name on the client side.
        type - The image type.
        data - The original file data, uncropped.
        width - The original image in pixels.
        height - The original image height in pixels.
        orientation - The orientation.
        zoom - The zoom factor.
        rect - The cropping rectangle.
        isCircle - Flag indicating the image cropping is a circle if true, rectangle or square if false.
      • onImageModified

        void onImageModified​(UIImage2 image,
                             ImageOrientation orientation,
                             double zoom,
                             GRect rect)
        Invoked when the image has been modified.
        image - The image selection and upload property.
        orientation - The orientation.
        zoom - The zoom.
        rect - The crop rectangle.
      • onImageChanged

        void onImageChanged​(UIImage2 image,
                            IImageTarget imageTarget)
        Change of image caused by the user selecting a new image (the imageTarget is null), some programmatic call not directly caused by the user, but as a result of a user change at some earlier point in time, or that the VirtualSpace value was changed.

        This method is not invoked when a user chooses a image, only e.g. programmatic changes when the UIImage2 property is updated with a URL from an image that has been stored, typically accessible from the web.

        image - The image selection and upload property.
        imageTarget - The image target, null if a user has selected an image and the server application has not yet processed the image selected to save e.g. as a profile image.