Class StatusBarConfig

  • public class StatusBarConfig
    extends java.lang.Object
    The status bar configuration class. To configure, call the methods in the class.
    Christopher Mindus
    • Constructor Detail

      • StatusBarConfig

        public StatusBarConfig()
        Constructs the status bar configuration instance.
    • Method Detail

      • show

        public void show()
        Shows the status bar.
      • hide

        public void hide()
        Hides the status bar.
      • getVisibility

        public int getVisibility()
        Gets the status bar visibility configured.
        1 for show, 0 for hide and -1 if not set.
      • setBackgroundColor

        public void setBackgroundColor​(int rgb)
        Sets the RGB background color.

        Note: on iOS 7, when you set setOverlaysWebView to false, you can set the background color of the statusbar by color name.

        rgb - The RGB color in range between 0 and 0xFFF_FFF.
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - If the value is out of range.
      • getBackgroundColor

        public int getBackgroundColor()
        Gets the RGB background color.
        The background color set, -1 if not set.
      • setStyle

        public void setStyle​(StatusBarConfig.Style style)
        Sets the style.

        Note: the style is only supported for iOS and Windows Phone.

        style - The style, or null to unconfigure it.
      • getStyle

        public StatusBarConfig.Style getStyle()
        Gets the style.

        Note: the style is only supported for iOS and Windows Phone.

        The style, or null if not configured.
      • setOverlaysWebView

        public void setOverlaysWebView​(boolean doOverlay)
        Sets if the status bar should overlay the web view or not.
        doOverlay - Set to true to overlay, false to let the status bar reside above the web view.
      • getOverlaysWebView

        public int getOverlaysWebView()
        Gets the overlays web view.
        1=overlay, 0=above, -1=not configured.