Class PluginPreference

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    public class PluginPreference
    extends org.eclipse.core.runtime.preferences.AbstractPreferenceInitializer
    implements TerminalKeys
    Class used to initialize default preference values.
    Christopher Mindus
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        public static final java.lang.String AUTO_CREATE_VS_FIELDS
        ID for auto-creation of VS fields.
        See Also:
        Constant Field Values

        public static final int P_TERM_RECTANGLE_COLORS
        See Also:
        Constant Field Values

        public static final int TERM_INDEX_ID_UNDEFINED
        Color indexes.
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final int TERM_INDEX_ID_EXACT_RECTANGLE
        See Also:
        Constant Field Values

        public static final int TERM_INDEX_MARKED_FIELD_COLOR
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final int TERM_INDEX_DECORATION_COLOR
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final int TERM_INDEX_NON_ACTIVE_WINDOW_COLOR
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final int TERM_INDEX_POPUP_WINDOW_COLOR
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final int TERM_INDEX_HOST_FIELD_DOTS_COLOR
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final java.lang.String[] TERM_RECTANGLE_TYPES
        The table of rectangle colors.

        public static final java.lang.String[] SCREEN_COLOR_NAMES
        The table of screen colors.
      • defaultScreenColors

        public static final int[] defaultScreenColors
      • keyNamesTable

        public static final java.lang.Object[] keyNamesTable
        The key table with the names.
      • showScreenIdentifications

        public boolean showScreenIdentifications
        If screen identifications are shown or not.
      • showScreenFields

        public boolean showScreenFields
        If screen fields are shown or not.
      • isExactRectangleContents

        public boolean isExactRectangleContents
        If a screen identification rectangle is of exact rectangle content type by default.
      • showHiddenText

        public boolean showHiddenText
        If hidden text is shown.
      • showHostFields

        public boolean showHostFields
        If host fields are shown.
      • doMoveWrap

        public boolean doMoveWrap
        If moving a field enables screen-wrap.
      • doSizeWrap

        public boolean doSizeWrap
        If sizing a field enables screen-wrap.
      • showPopupWindows

        public boolean showPopupWindows
        If pop-up windows are shown.
      • showActiveScreenArea

        public boolean showActiveScreenArea
        If active screen area is shown.
      • showRectangleTooltip

        public boolean showRectangleTooltip
        If tool-tips are shown in all modes.
      • showHiddenTextEE

        public boolean showHiddenTextEE
        If hidden text is shown in Capture/Recording Editor.
      • showHostFieldsEE

        public boolean showHostFieldsEE
        If host fields are shown in Capture/Recording Editor.
      • showPopupWindowsEE

        public boolean showPopupWindowsEE
        If pop-up windows are shown in Capture/Recording Editor.
      • doOutlinePresentationSpace

        public boolean doOutlinePresentationSpace
        Outline presentation space.
      • doBoxDrawing

        public boolean doBoxDrawing
        Box drawing for 3270.
      • doSoundAlarm

        public boolean doSoundAlarm
        Sound alarm.
      • blinkSpeed

        public int blinkSpeed
        Blink speed in ms, 0 = no blink.
      • cursorHeight

        public int cursorHeight
        Cursor height %.
      • cursorHeightInsertMode

        public int cursorHeightInsertMode
        Cursor height % for insert mode.
      • doVerticalRuleCursor

        public boolean doVerticalRuleCursor
        Vertical rule cursor.
      • doHorizontalRuleCursor

        public boolean doHorizontalRuleCursor
        Horizontal rule cursor.
      • lineTypeRuleCursor

        public int lineTypeRuleCursor
        Line type: 0=solid, 1=dot, 2=dash, 3=double-dash, 4=triple-dash.
      • clipboardParsing

        public int clipboardParsing
        Clipboard parsing: 0=field, 1=word, 2=none.
      • doClipboardPrompt

        public boolean doClipboardPrompt
        Prompt on each parse operation.
      • doClipboardSaveSpacing

        public boolean doClipboardSaveSpacing
        Save original field spacing.
      • doPasteTextWrapping

        public boolean doPasteTextWrapping
        Paste text wrapping.
      • doAutoReset

        public boolean doAutoReset
        Keyboard auto-reset.
      • doTypeAhead

        public boolean doTypeAhead
        Keyboard type-ahead.
      • doSmartInsert

        public boolean doSmartInsert
        Keyboard Smart Insert mode.
      • doPCInsertMode

        public boolean doPCInsertMode
        Keyboard PC-style insert mode.
      • fontName

        public java.lang.String fontName
        Terminal font name.
      • doAntiAlias

        public boolean doAntiAlias
        Anti-alias terminal font.
      • doBoldFont

        public boolean doBoldFont
        Bold terminal font.
      • doAutoFont

        public boolean doAutoFont
        Auto-font size for terminal.
      • doAspectFont

        public boolean doAspectFont
        Keep aspect ratio for terminal font.
      • fontSize

        public int fontSize
        Font size when non-auto-size in terminal.
      • doLinks

        public boolean doLinks
        Link hotspots.
      • linksInitialText

        public java.lang.String linksInitialText
        Initial texts for links.
      • doKeys

        public boolean doKeys
        Function keys hotspots.
      • keysInitialText

        public java.lang.String keysInitialText
        Initial texts for function key hotspots. The string is tab-delimited, and the entries corresponds to: PF#, Enter, Attention, Clear, Help, PA1, PA2, PA3, Page Up, Page Down.
      • rectangleColors

        public int[] rectangleColors
        The table of colors (RGB value), with the descriptions as the "TERM_RECTANGLE_TYPES" static String array variable.
      • screenColors

        public int[] screenColors
        The screen colors, 0=background... etc to index 15.
      • connectOpen

        public boolean connectOpen
        How sessions are handled at open terminal.
      • reconnectAtRestart

        public boolean reconnectAtRestart
        Reconnect session at restart.
      • cxCharCapturePreview

        public int cxCharCapturePreview
        Preview character size in X.
      • cyCharCapturePreview

        public int cyCharCapturePreview
        Preview character size in y.
      • doCapturePreviewAntiAlias

        public boolean doCapturePreviewAntiAlias
        Anti-alias for capture preview.
      • cxCharRecordingPreview

        public int cxCharRecordingPreview
        Recording preview character size in X.
      • cyCharRecordingPreview

        public int cyCharRecordingPreview
        Recording preview character size in y.
      • doRecordingPreviewAntiAlias

        public boolean doRecordingPreviewAntiAlias
        Anti-alias for recording preview.
      • doPreviewConnect

        public boolean doPreviewConnect
        Connect host upon preview show (only live sessions).
      • doShowTooltipForUnconnectedSession

        public boolean doShowTooltipForUnconnectedSession
        Show unconnected tooltip sessions.
      • doShowTooltipRecordedScreens

        public boolean doShowTooltipRecordedScreens
        Show "all" recording screens or just current.
      • maxTooltipRecordingScreensPerLine

        public int maxTooltipRecordingScreensPerLine
        Max count of recording screens for tooltips sideways.
      • maxTooltipRecordingScreenLines

        public int maxTooltipRecordingScreenLines
        Max count of recording screen lines for tooltips.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PluginPreference

        public PluginPreference()
        Construction of the class.
      • PluginPreference

        public PluginPreference​(int page)
        Constructs a new preference class with defaults for a page.
    • Method Detail

      • getInstance

        public static PluginPreference getInstance()
        Gets the instance.
        The single instance of the preferences.
      • initializeDefaultPreferences

        public void initializeDefaultPreferences()
        Initializes the preferences store for all the terminal preferences.
        Specified by:
        initializeDefaultPreferences in class org.eclipse.core.runtime.preferences.AbstractPreferenceInitializer
        See Also:
      • saveToStore

        public void saveToStore​(int page)
        Saves a "page" to the store.
      • getTerminalSettings

        public TerminalSettings getTerminalSettings()
        Gets the terminal settings.
      • setShowScreenCursor

        public static void setShowScreenCursor​(boolean on)
        Sets showing of screen cursor.
      • doShowScreenCursor

        public static boolean doShowScreenCursor()
        Gets showing of screen cursor.
      • setShowScreenCursorEE

        public static void setShowScreenCursorEE​(boolean on)
        Sets showing of screen cursor for captures.
      • doShowScreenCursorEE

        public static boolean doShowScreenCursorEE()
        Gets showing of screen cursor for captures.
      • setAutoCreateVSFields

        public static void setAutoCreateVSFields​(boolean on)
        Sets auto-creation of VS fields.
      • doAutoCreateVSFields

        public static boolean doAutoCreateVSFields()
        Gets auto-creation of VS fields.
      • setUpdateRectangle

        public static void setUpdateRectangle​(boolean on)
        Sets update of screen rectangle contents.
      • doUpdateRectangle

        public static boolean doUpdateRectangle()
        Gets update of screen rectangle contents.
      • setMoveWrap

        public static void setMoveWrap​(boolean on)
        Sets wrap when moving.
      • setSizeWrap

        public static void setSizeWrap​(boolean on)
        Sets wrap when sizing.