Class PluginApplicationUI

  • public class PluginApplicationUI
    extends java.lang.Object
    The Plug-in ApplicationUI instance holds the various images loaded from Image Descriptors and can be used as SWT Images directly, as well as other SWT allocated object such as colors.
    Christopher Mindus
    • Field Detail

      • imageScreen

        public final imageScreen
      • imageIdentifications

        public final imageIdentifications
      • imageIdentification

        public final imageIdentification
      • imageExactRectangle

        public final imageExactRectangle
      • imageFields

        public final imageFields
      • imageContinuedField

        public final imageContinuedField
      • imageField

        public final imageField
      • imageFieldGroup

        public final imageFieldGroup
      • imageActionGroup

        public final imageActionGroup
      • imageTerminal

        public final imageTerminal
      • imageNewHost

        public final imageNewHost
      • imageHost

        public final imageHost
      • imageHosts

        public final imageHosts
      • imageSessionConfig

        public final imageSessionConfig
      • imageConnect

        public final imageConnect
      • imageDisconnect

        public final imageDisconnect
      • imageSSL

        public final imageSSL
      • imageCapture

        public final imageCapture
      • imageCaptures

        public final imageCaptures
      • imageRecording

        public final imageRecording
      • imageChangeSession

        public final imageChangeSession
      • imageHostField

        public final imageHostField
      • imageLogic

        public final imageLogic
      • imageTerminalServer

        public final imageTerminalServer
      • imagesRotation

        public final[] imagesRotation
    • Method Detail

      • getInstance

        public static PluginApplicationUI getInstance()
        Gets the instance of the ApplicationUI. The first time this is done, it must be from the SWT thread, otherwise an InternalError is thrown.
        The singleton.