Class BaseReferencePropEditor

    • Constructor Detail

      • BaseReferencePropEditor

        public BaseReferencePropEditor()
        Default constructor called before createControls.
    • Method Detail

      • getSelectionBaseProp

        protected PropCnr getSelectionBaseProp​(PropCnr pc)
        Gets the base property reference to use as selection root for a property container. This could be e.g. from getPropBaseReference() or the VS parents for VS relative references.

        Override as required.

      • getLookupPropReference

        protected java.lang.String getLookupPropReference​(java.lang.String name)
        Creates the reference string to look-up from the ReferenceString. Override this method for e.g. Base or Fixed Relative referencing.
        getLookupPropReference in class ReferencePropEditor<IPropCnr>
        name - The reference name.
        The property reference string to look-up.
      • setLookedUpReference

        protected java.lang.String setLookedUpReference​(java.lang.String name)
        Sets the reference found that also has been validated. This method gives the opportunity for a subclass to remove e.g. the Base or Fixed Relative reference from the string start.
        setLookedUpReference in class ReferencePropEditor<IPropCnr>
        name - The full reference.
        The reference to set in this property as ReferenceString.