Interface IPartExtensionIZ

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    public interface IPartExtensionIZ
    Workbench part required to be implemented for parts by actions, and other items. The PropEditorPart implements it.
    Christopher Mindus
    • Method Detail

      • addPartListener

        void addPartListener​(org.eclipse.ui.IPartListener listener)
        Adds a part listener. Part that added as listeners in this method are called with the dispose method if they are instances of:
        • RetargetAction
      • removePartListener

        void removePartListener​(org.eclipse.ui.IPartListener listener)
        Removes a part listener.
      • getPartListeners

        org.eclipse.ui.IPartListener[] getPartListeners()
        Gets the part listeners. The return value is cached and very efficient in terms of memory allocation.
      • getWorkbenchPart

        org.eclipse.ui.IWorkbenchPart getWorkbenchPart()
        Gets the workbench part.
      • getActionBars

        org.eclipse.ui.IActionBars getActionBars()
        Gets the action bars (different for View and Editor).
      • isDisposed

        boolean isDisposed()
        Checks if the part is disposed of.