Interface PanelEditorTransactionProcessor

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    public interface PanelEditorTransactionProcessor
    extends ITransactionProcessor
    Interface for a Panel View to handle "debug" mode using external browser as editing window along with potential connections.
    Christopher Mindus
    • Method Detail

      • canAcceptExternalBrowserEditor

        boolean canAcceptExternalBrowserEditor()
        Checks if a "debug" connection is allowed.
      • getViewOnlyConnectionListener

        ITransactionProcessor getViewOnlyConnectionListener()
        Gets the transaction listener for "view-only connections".
        null If not allowed, otherwise an instance.
      • getEditedPanelDisplayName

        java.lang.String getEditedPanelDisplayName()
        Gets the panel that is edited.
      • getExternalLinkID

        java.lang.String getExternalLinkID​(boolean ssl)
        Gets the ID of the panel link including the host name "localhost" that can be replaced with the web server address.
      • getEditedPanel

        UIPanelBase getEditedPanel()
        Gets the edited panel.