Interface HostSessionListener

    • Method Detail

      • onScreenChange

        void onScreenChange​(HostSessionPeer peer,
                            int beginPos,
                            int endPos)
        Notifies the session of a screen change.
      • onFieldChange

        void onFieldChange​(HostSessionPeer peer)
        Notifies the session that fields have changed.
      • onScreenSizeChange

        void onScreenSizeChange​(HostSessionPeer peer,
                                int cx,
                                int cy)
        Notifies the session that the screen size has changed.
      • onCursorPositionChange

        void onCursorPositionChange​(HostSessionPeer peer,
                                    int x,
                                    int y)
        Notifies the session that the cursor position has changed.
      • onConnectChange

        void onConnectChange​(HostSessionPeer peer,
                             boolean connected)
        Notifies the session of a connect state change.
      • onStateChange

        void onStateChange​(HostSessionPeer peer)
        Notifies the session of a state change (such as insert mode, lock state, error state).
      • onSessionFailure

        void onSessionFailure​(HostSessionPeer peer,
                              java.lang.Throwable exception)
        Called when a session has had a failure.
      • soundAlarm

        void soundAlarm​(HostSessionPeer peer)
        Sound alarm on the client.
      • onHostDataStreamProcessing

        void onHostDataStreamProcessing​(HostSessionPeer peer,
                                        boolean isEntering,
                                        int updates)
        Called when data stream is to be processed.
        peer - The peer.
        isEntering - The state of processing (true=before, false=after).
        updates - What has been updated on screen (bit flag: 0x01=characters, 0x02=fields).