Interface HostScreenListener

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    public interface HostScreenListener
    Interface used to listen to changes in the terminal screen in order to reflect it to the listening parties.
    Christopher Mindus
    • Method Detail

      • onScreenClear

        void onScreenClear()
        The display has been cleared, i.e. entire screen blanked with spaces and default color.
      • onCursorChanged

        void onCursorChanged​(int x,
                             int y)
        The cursor position has changed.
        x - X position on screen.
        y - Y position on screen.
      • onScreenChanged

        void onScreenChanged​(int begin,
                             int end)
        The screen has changed between two points in a wrapping fashion.
        begin - The beginning position.
        end - The end position (inclusive).
      • onScreenSizeChanged

        void onScreenSizeChanged​(int cx,
                                 int cy)
        The screen size has changed.
        cx - The new width.
        cy - The new height.