Class PropErrorAttrEvent

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class PropErrorAttrEvent
    extends PropAttrEvent
    The event that indicates that a property error attribute has been set for the first time or when it has been changed.
    Christopher Mindus
    • Field Detail

      • errorID

        public final java.lang.String errorID
        The errorID changed, null for entire error table.
      • newMaxErrorLevel

        public final int newMaxErrorLevel
        New maximum error level.
      • oldMaxErrorLevel

        public final int oldMaxErrorLevel
        Old maximum error level.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PropErrorAttrEvent

        public PropErrorAttrEvent​(GProp<?> source,
                                  java.lang.Object newValue,
                                  java.lang.Object oldValue,
                                  java.lang.String errorID,
                                  IPropErrorItem item,
                                  int newMaxErrorLevel,
                                  int oldMaxErrorLevel)
        Constructs a new property event.
        source - The source property instance being changed or initialized.
        newValue - The new value.
        oldValue - The old value or null if previously uninitialized.
        errorID - The error ID changed, null for entire property error table change.
        item - The error item, null for removed (errorID is non-null).
        newMaxErrorLevel - New maximum error level.
        oldMaxErrorLevel - Old maximum error level.
    • Method Detail

      • isClearCacheEvent

        public boolean isClearCacheEvent()
        Returns the state for a property container if this event is received in the onEventSelf method as a helper for it would need to clear the property container cache.
        isClearCacheEvent in class PropAttrEvent
        true, always for this event.
      • isVerifyEvent

        public boolean isVerifyEvent()
        Returns if this event is a verify event for a container that processes verification.
        isVerifyEvent in class PropAttrEvent
        true always.
      • paramString

        protected java.lang.StringBuilder paramString​(java.lang.StringBuilder buf)
        Returns the parameter string representing the state of this event. This string is useful for debugging. Super classes adds extra information to the string by preceding it with a comma followed by the extra information.
        paramString in class PropAttrEvent
        buf - The StringBuilder to append the string to.
        The StringBuilder, i.e. the buf input parameter.