Class RuntimeBuilderLauncher

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    public class RuntimeBuilderLauncher
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements org.eclipse.ui.IEditorLauncher
    Launches the iiziRun Builder with a file name.
    Christopher Mindus
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      static boolean launchBuild​(org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Shell shell, org.eclipse.core.resources.IFile file)
      Launches the job, or opens the configuration if there is a problem in the file.
      void open​(org.eclipse.core.runtime.IPath path)
      Open the file.
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      • RuntimeBuilderLauncher

        public RuntimeBuilderLauncher()
        Default constructor.
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      • open

        public void open​(org.eclipse.core.runtime.IPath path)
        Open the file.
        Specified by:
        open in interface org.eclipse.ui.IEditorLauncher
      • launchBuild

        public static boolean launchBuild​(org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Shell shell,
                                          org.eclipse.core.resources.IFile file)
                                   throws CancelException
        Launches the job, or opens the configuration if there is a problem in the file.
        shell - A shell.
        file - The iiziRun Builder configuration file ".iiziRun" in a Module project.
        true for success, false if configuration was opened.
        CancelException - If the file name is not ".iiziRun" or it's not a Module project.