Interface IGroupTextFormatter

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    public interface IGroupTextFormatter
    Formatter for the label after the group text prompt for edited values in the property.
    Christopher Mindus
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      • getGroupText

        java.lang.String getGroupText​(PropCnr[] containers,
                                      java.util.ArrayList<PropertyEditorInfo> infos,
                                      PropertyEditorInfo group,
                                      java.lang.StringBuilder tooltip,
                                      boolean[] isHTML)
        Formats a string representation for the group. This method is called when a property has been changed for the group.
        containers - The property container being edited.
        infos - The property editor info array.
        group - The group item.
        tooltip - String buffer to fill with tool tip text.
        isHTML - Set [0] to true for HTML before returning if tooltip text is in HTML format.
        A string for the text label, the string buffer filled with the tooltip text.