Interface IELayoutProp

    • Field Detail

      • ALIGNX

        static final java.lang.String[] ALIGNX
        Horizontal alignment strings.
      • ALIGNY

        static final java.lang.String[] ALIGNY
        Vertical alignment strings.
    • Method Detail

      • getCNDescriptionType

        java.lang.String getCNDescriptionType()
        Gets the description.
        Specified by:
        getCNDescriptionType in interface ITransferContainerProps
        A type description for the status bar view, or null if not available.
      • getGroupText

        java.lang.String getGroupText​(PropCnr[] pcs,
                                      java.lang.StringBuilder tooltip,
                                      boolean[] isHTML)
        Formats a string representation for the layout group. This method is called when a property has been changed for the group.
        pcs - The property container being edited.
        tooltip - String buffer to fill with tool tip text.
        isHTML - Set [0] to true for HTML before returning if tooltip text is in HTML format.
        A string for the text label, the string buffer filled with the tooltip text.
      • getAlignXString

        default java.lang.String getAlignXString​(int alignX)
        Gets the horizontal align string.
        alignX - The align value: 1=left, 2=center, 3=right, 4=fill.
        The string, null when value is not 1-4.
      • getAlignYString

        default java.lang.String getAlignYString​(int alignY)
        Gets the vertical align string.
        alignY - The align value: 1=top, 2=middle, 3=bottom, 4=fill.
        The string, null when value is not 1-4.
      • verifySizeAndMinMax

        default void verifySizeAndMinMax​(PropVerification verification)
        Verifies this property container for the size and min/max values in X and Y.
        verification - The property verification class.