Interface IUIComponentLinkEnabler

    • Method Detail

      • getUIPanel

        UIPanelBase getUIPanel()
        Gets the panel for the UI component.

        This method is defined for all UI components and only serves the purpose of a call in the default implementation in this interface.

        The panel.
      • getRelativeMethodAnnotationReference

        default java.lang.String getRelativeMethodAnnotationReference()
        Gets the annotation relative reference to the element.
        Specified by:
        getRelativeMethodAnnotationReference in interface IJavaMethodLinkEnabler
        The relative reference in the method annotation of e.g. "OnUIFocus" for this component.
      • isUIComponentLinkCapable

        default org.eclipse.core.runtime.IStatus isUIComponentLinkCapable​(LinkData data)
        Returns if this property container could potentially be link capable.

        This call is done many times during drag-drop and must be very fast and not cause too much garbage collection.

        data - The link data.
        The status of capability of the operation.
      • getUIComponentLinkOperations

        default java.util.Collection<ILinkOperation> getUIComponentLinkOperations​(LinkData data)
        Called when the drag-drop is to be performed (link or paste-link menu item). The link-capable instance fills in only what it handles.
        data - The link data.
        The list of operations required.