Interface IKStringHolder<PROP>

    • Method Detail

      • getKString

        KString getKString()
        Gets the KStrings that needs checking.
        The KString held by the property, null for none.
      • onKStringRefactored

        void onKStringRefactored​(KStringHolder holder,
                                 GEvent triggerEvent)
        Called when a KString has been refactored and requires the property to change the KString contents.
        holder - The holder.
        triggerEvent - Event that triggered the refactoring.
      • resolveKStrings

        void resolveKStrings​(boolean doReCheck,
                             GEvent triggerEvent)
        Resolves the references to KString's in all held KString's.
        doReCheck - Re-check flag.
        triggerEvent - The triggering property event.