Class ScreenMatcher

  • public class ScreenMatcher
    extends java.lang.Object
    Class for screen matching.
    Christopher Mindus
    • Constructor Detail

      • ScreenMatcher

        public ScreenMatcher​(ScreenProp[] screens,
                             TerminalModelSettings settings)
        Constructs the instance. Once created, a call to prepareForServer() should be done for the Server.
        screens - The screens for the matcher.
        settings - The terminal model settings.
    • Method Detail

      • prepareForServer

        public void prepareForServer()
        Prepare information for Server use, i.e. create screen groups and rearrange the screens as required. This operation requires quite some processing.
      • getMatchingScreen

        public ScreenProp getMatchingScreen​(HostScreen screen,
                                            java.util.ArrayList<ScreenProp> match)
        Checks which screens match.
        screen - The host screen.
        match - A pre-allocated array that is filled with matching screens, or null not to retain the list.
        null If none or more than one screen matches.
      • createScreenGroups

        public void createScreenGroups()
        Creates screen groups. After sorting the screens by not-popup window, screen size, identification count then identification data, create the screen identification groups: get the 16 largest groups with screen group count over 16. Every screen identification rectangle must be "Exact Rectangle Contents". Calling this method reorders the screens before e.g. a save. Nothing is done if Binary Search Method is not enabled.
      • getScreenIdentificationInfo

        public boolean getScreenIdentificationInfo​(java.lang.StringBuilder sb)
        Gets a displayable formatted string (that can contain several lines separated by LF characters) that is used when compiling a distribution or when saving a file.
        sb - Buffer to insert information into.
        true if there are warnings, i.e. two or more screens are equal.