Class Base64Encoder

  • public class Base64Encoder
    extends java.lang.Object
    Java 7 compatible Base64 encode/decode functions. Based on Apache Commons Codec.

    Note: Once upgrading to Java 8+, replace by native Base64 encoder.

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      static byte[]decode​(java.lang.String base64Encoded) 
      static java.lang.StringencodeUrl​(byte[] bytes) 
      static java.lang.StringencodeUrlWithoutPadding​(byte[] bytes) 
      static java.lang.StringencodeWithoutPadding​(byte[] bytes) 
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    • Constructor Detail

      • Base64Encoder

        public Base64Encoder()
    • Method Detail

      • decode

        public static byte[] decode​(java.lang.String base64Encoded)
      • encodeWithoutPadding

        public static java.lang.String encodeWithoutPadding​(byte[] bytes)
      • encodeUrl

        public static java.lang.String encodeUrl​(byte[] bytes)
      • encodeUrlWithoutPadding

        public static java.lang.String encodeUrlWithoutPadding​(byte[] bytes)