Interface IVSParticipant

    • Method Detail

      • onVirtualSpaceVirtualized

        void onVirtualSpaceVirtualized​(IAppSessionGyro appGyro,
                                       VirtualSpace virtualizedVirtualSpace)
        Called when the VirtualSpace has been virtualized, giving the opportunity for e.g. data connectors to prepare it's virtualized counterparts if this is required.

        This call is done to the non-virtualized instance of the VirtualSpace participant.

        appGyro - The application gyro instance.
        virtualizedVirtualSpace - The virtualized VirtualSpace instance.
      • getVSParticipantAtom

        default Atom getVSParticipantAtom()
        Returns the atom name used for the VSParticipant property.
        Atom.VIRTUALSPACE by default.
      • assignVirtualSpace

        default boolean assignVirtualSpace​(VirtualSpace virtualSpace,
                                           IComplexOperation op)
        Sets the VirtualSpace participant's VirtualSpace reference. This method can only be called in the Designer and will throw an exception otherwise.
        virtualSpace - The new VirtualSpace.
        op - The complex operation.
        true for changed, false for no change.
        java.lang.IllegalStateException - If the call is done outside of the Designer, e.g. in Server.