Interface IUINullableValueComponent

    • Method Detail

      • isNull

        default boolean isNull()
        Returns if the value is null, i.e. undefined.
        true if the value is null or undefined, false if defined or non-null.
      • isNullAllowed

        default boolean isNullAllowed()
        Returns if a null value is allowed, i.e. no date/time value is set and the UI component is blank.
        true if null is allowed, or false (default) if not allowed.
      • setNullAllowed

        default boolean setNullAllowed​(boolean isNullAllowed)
        Sets the null value allowed flag, i.e. allows no date/time value to be set and the UI component is blank.

        Setting this parameter isNullAllowed to false when the value already is null will not affect the value.

        isNullAllowed - Flag for null allowed.
        true if the setting changed, false for no change.
      • setValueToNull

        default boolean setValueToNull()
        Sets the value to null.
        true for value changed, false for no change.
        java.lang.IllegalStateException - If the flag isNullAllowed() is false.