Class UIGauge

    • Constructor Detail

      • UIGauge

        public UIGauge()
        Creates the component without a name. The name must be set in all cases using the setPropertyAtom call.
      • UIGauge

        public UIGauge​(Atom propertyAtom)
        Creates the component with the specified name. All system-reserved names for components begins with "$".
        propertyAtom - the name of the component, unique within it's parent.
    • Method Detail

      • getDeviceType

        public final int getDeviceType()
        Gets the device type: -1=mobile, 0=both, 1=desktop.
        Specified by:
        getDeviceType in interface IUIComp
      • isMobileContextMenuSupported

        public boolean isMobileContextMenuSupported()
        Returns if the component can show the context menu in mobile mode.
        Specified by:
        isMobileContextMenuSupported in interface IUIContextMenuOwner
        Gauge does not support a mobile context menu.
      • getApproximateSize

        public Size getApproximateSize()
        Returns the size of the component in pixels. The size is a calculation and does not exactly reflect the real size that may be different due to additional styles not taken into account by this method. The size is calculated from the font of the component and default or defined values (such as character length or number of lines for text area).
        Specified by:
        getApproximateSize in class UIComp
        The size of the component: 0x0 (none).