Package com.iizix.nio

Class SSLCommLayer

  • public class SSLCommLayer
    extends java.lang.Object
    The SSL SocketComm class is used to open client sockets with a destination host with optional proxy (HTTP/SOCKS), secure socket (SSL/TLS), and atop WebSocket or Telnet as protocols.

    For proxy and/or WebSocket, an authenticator must/should be used to support user authentication with the proxy or destination (for WebSocket).

    For SSL/TLS, client certificates can be added, discrete or from system, and if so, an password callback might be have to be registered to provide a password for a keystore or a certificate, unless preset in the properties.

    For SSL/TLS, server certificates validator can be provided in order to check server certificates and/or the destinations host name.

    Christopher Mindus
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      Gets the SSL session.
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        public getSession()
        Gets the SSL session.